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The Himalayan region abounds in glaciers. Most of the big glaciers lie in the eastern Himalayas. As the western Himalayas receive only a small amount of rainfall, barring the formation of vast snowfields, the source of some of the big rivers of Nepal are in fact glaciers.

Nepal's largest glacier lies in the Mahalangur and the Kumbhakarna ranges. Khumbu is the biggest glacier and Langtang the longest. Kanchenjunga, Yalung, Nupchu and Lamtang are some other glaciers belonging to the eastern Himalayas. Tukche and Hidden valley glaciers belong to the central Himalayas but these are comparatively small. Eating into the land along their course, the glaciers have been partly responsible for changing the Himalayan landscape, and for evolving various geo-patterns ranging from big cirques and rock basins to hanging valleys and morainic ridges.

Khumbu glacier

Langtang glacier